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Ana Toniolo

Ana Toniolo is a Wedding and Event Planner based in Switzerland, that works with signed projects across Europe.


Ana began her career in the event world when she was only 18 years old, organizing luxury corporate events in Brazil, and from that on she never stopped. Years later, she moved to Europe to develop her experience with Destination Weddings. She lived in Florence and Milan before fixing her residence in Switzerland.


During her time in Italy, Ana joined Vincenzo Dascanio's team - one of the most important wedding designers in Europe. She had the opportunity to coordinate with his team big event productions, and create a solid background at this field.


Ana Toniolo is now based in Switzerland, from where she runs Ana Toniolo Creations GmbH. She designs the entire experience for each event, covering it all from planning to styling. 

Ana developed a profound connection with Arts since she was a kid and today she brings this artistic DNA to her work, signing unique event design projects finalized with watercolor. The more natural it looks the better it is!

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